Meet Korbi

Korbi, your personal AI tutor will guide you through the course, personalizing exercises that fit your learning style and understanding level.

  • Interactive Conversations
  • Hands-On Exercises, Quizzes and Equations
  • Visual Diagrams, Visual Exercises and Concept Trees
  • Personalized Feedback, Explanations and Performance Tracking
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The Future of Education

We're passionate about bringing state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform education. We want to help students learn faster and better, boost online MOOC engagement, empower teachers with better student analytics, and enable teachers to use flipped classroom and blended teaching approaches.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Korbi is an intelligent tutor powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence. Decades of research on natural language processing, combined with the recent resurgence of Deep Learning, have finally made a system capable of tutoring students in many different subjects possible!

Personalized, Interactive Learning

No two learners are the same, which is why Korbi was built to adapt to your personal learning style and knowledge. The more Korbi knows about how you learn, the better Korbi will be able to show you relevant content. The more Korbi knows about your knowledge and understanding, the quicker Korbi will be able hone in on exercises and feedback important for you.

Continuous Improvement

The power of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning allows Korbi to continue improve every day. Not only will Korbi continue to learn from large knowledge bases, such as Wikipedia, but it will also learn from people like you. Every question and answer given to Korbi will be fed back into Korbi's learning algorithm. Every conversation with Korbi will make Korbi a better tutor, in turn making Korbi's students better learners.

Plug and Play

Korbit can easily integrate with any online platform or LMS system and augument the content by offering real time, personalized feedback for each student.

What They're Saying About Us

We have partnered with world-renowned professors in order to democratize high quality AI education.
Here’s what they have to say about Korbit.

Korbit Services

We are transforming education and offer custom services to students, teachers, publishers (including MOOCs and LMS platforms) and companies.
Contact us today and find out how we can work together and evolve education with AI-powered tutors.


Get more out of online learning. In today's fast paced environment, comprehensive knowledge and critical analysis are the keys to stay ahead and succeed in both your career and personal life.
✅ Improve your retention through interactive, dialogues-based problem solving with real-time feedback
✅ Access top quality tutoring for a fraction of the cost, 24/7, anywhere in the world

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Imagine you could use your teaching expertise to help thousands of students across the world on a one-on-one level. Focus on adding personalized feedback and value creation instead of repetitive tasks and "broadcasting" information.
✅ Improve your productivity with insightful analytics, automatic grading for short answers/essays and personalized alerts
✅ Find problem patterns by class or subject, implement modifications then track and evaluate your content's improvement over time

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Publishers, LMS & MOOCs

Engage students on a personal level with instant feedback on the content they love and help them complete more courses while assimilating a deeper understanding of the content.
✅ Offer a personal, scalable, tutor that brings the content to life and guides students throughout the course
✅ Pinpoint problems in student understanding with cohort analyses across subjects, implement modifications

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Transform your mandatory online training into an authentic assessment based on a real-time feedback, problem solving approach. Critical analysis and communication skills are the requirements of the future. Empower your employees with these skills today and set the stage for lifelong learners.
✅ Empower each employee a personalised training experience while following the standard knowledge requirements
✅ Measure "real understanding" and set up personalized interventions for special cases and rewards for top performers

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About Korbit

Our Mission is to offer high quality, interactive and personalized education for the masses at low cost, anytime and anywhere. Korbi, the AI-powered tutor is real-time interactive and personalized, which is known to have a big impact on learning outcomes and user engagement. Our values are: Excellence, Effort, Diversity and Social Progress.



Meet the team that's transforming education with AI-powered tutors.

Iulian Serban
CEO, CTO and Co-Founder
Ekaterina Kochmar
CSO and Co-Founder
Ansona Onyi Ching
CCO, COO and Co-Founder
Mihai Gheorghian
Varun Gupta
Director of Applied Machine Learning
and Data Processes
Vu Do Dung
Machine Learning / Natural Language Generation
Junfel Vincent Romano
UI/UX Designer
Personal Tutor (Self-Taught)


We are backed by renowned professors and industry experts.

Yoshua Bengio
Director of the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute (Mila), Full Professor, University of Montreal
Joelle Pineau
Associate Professor, McGill University Head of Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research, Montreal
Laurent Charlin
Assistant Professor,
HEC Montréal
Aaron Courville
Assistant Professor,
University of Montreal
Amruth B R
CEO @ Guru-G, Founder @ GrayDx Birla Institute of Technology and Science, McGill Sauvé Scholar
Isaac Souweine
Partner, Real Ventures
General Manager, FounderFuel
Kanu Gulati
Principal, Khosla Ventures
Texas A&M University (Ph.D. Computer Engineering)
Ole Michael Waldén Oldhøj
President, Nordic Consult Ph. Inc,
Web Application Consultant

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Free Machine Learning Course ⟶

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